Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thursday Means Friday is Almost Here

This has been a really hard week at work. I've been in panic mode all week which I don't do. The crisis isn't over, although I'm hoping the solution will be found today. It is very frustrating when one person decides to interpret a rule in one way that NO ONE ELSE in the country interprets that way. Let's just say lawyers are now involved and on initial view, they are on my side. There's a lot of money at stake so I'm hoping that their ruling will be the right one.

So in light of this mess, I'm going to try and reflect on lovely things today. Like this new blog hop I'm doing. Mingle with Us by Happy-Go-Lucky. I like that name so I'm going with it.

Happy Go Lucky

Or how about my review of So You Think You Can Dance last night. Dan asked me if the talent this year wasn't as good (which tells me he is paying attention) and I think he's right. He asked if I would pay to see any of the dancers and I said Alex Wong. He said how about the competitors. I said no. I did list a bunch of dancers but they were all male so he wondered about females. I said I had watched girls dance for 14 years so I'm onto the boys now. LOL.

Here's one of my favorite routines from years past. And it has a girl in it too (just for you honey).

I almost forgot the review. I think Eliana is the best girl dancer and she should win. Boys is a little trickier. There isn't a stand out great dancer but there is a personality. I don't like that they seem to hide Cyrus' lack of dance and don't call him out on it like they do the really trained dancers. This deep in the competition, you'd better be dancing your heart out.

The big high school rival football game is tonight in the university stadium. Now that Whitney is in college, I don't go. But I still want the Tigers to win.


  1. I'm the same way with SYTYCD... I dont even know anyone's names this year.. could care less...dont know what the deal is really

    But yes - ALEX WONG! So sad he didnt get to win - he's amazing!!!

  2. Sorry about the work situation and hope it works out for your good! I don't watch SYTYCD so I don't know anything about it :)

  3. Following via the blog hop. Cute blog. :)