Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fragments are Goofy Things

Joining up with Mrs. 4444 on Friday Fragments. I'm happy to say there are lots of people emptying their minds just like I am.

Mommy's Idea

Walking up the stairs at work today my mind wondered why I always have to start on the same foot to go either up or down the stairs. Am I afraid that I'll forget how to climb the stairs or just a habit? The things that go through your mind sometimes are just strange.

My blog post on Wednesday with the guy who swallowed a fork generated more comments per reader than anything else I've ever written. I guess that means I just need to talk about odd medical issues.

On that note did you see that TLC is going to have a tv show on conjoined twins. At least I think that's what I would call them. Although they look like they just have two heads but only two arms and legs. I'm sorry but it just creeps me out that they are being exploited this way. I can't imagine how hard life is for them and their family.

My meteorology friends can be such cards. Someone was asked where Hurricane Issac was going to make landfall. His answer is classic "On Land". Ah weather humor, you never get tired of it.

Sunday there will be a carnival at church. I'm not going because a) I don't have children at home (although there is a zipline) and b) it's my birthday and I don't want to be there!

An update on the bunny story from a few weeks ago. The town has now seen the light and will let the girl keep her bunny inside the city limits without having 2 acres of land. Sanity and bad publicity will do that to you.

Enjoy the day and realize that the weekend is just a few short hours away!


  1. Bad publicity has its pull

    medical oddities do get attention... you shoulda talked about a swalled fork sooner.
    but it proves why TLC is doing that show!

    Happy early birthday!!!!

  2. Happy Early birthday!

    I have seen the girls before, they are actually very well adjusted, with lots of friends.


  3. I can't believe any city would even CARE if a person had a bunny or not.

    How in the world do they think they're gonna "control" the wild ones?

    We live in the city and adult deer parade right down our street on a regular basis - - - oh and wild turkeys can be found a few blocks away.

    Not to mention squirrels, chipmunks, etc, etc, etc.

    I sure wish our city would BAN bats and mice.

  4. Those girls have been on TLC on and off throughout the years. They are an incredibly positive family (I do feel they are being exploited though) and the girls seem to handle things well.

    I think people in our town have all kinds of animals, including to rabbits. How did the city even find out?

  5. I was thinking about you the other day. Pooldad's office is very close to our major weather station here [which is also close to Dulles airport] and it is so cool to drive by. But their main building where they all sit and send out reports is so freaking ugly. Early 70s yuck. If you can imagine. But I said to Pooldad - I hope Tracy works in a bit nicer looking building than that. That one is just sad. :/

  6. Hope your birthday was grand!