Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hodgepodge - Spider Killer

Here's this weeks hodgepodge questions via Joyce.

1. Aloha! On August 21, 1959 Hawaii officially became a US state. Have you ever been? Upon arrival would you prefer an orchid or a hibiscus to tuck behind your ear?
I've never been but I would love to go. Hawaii and Delaware are the two US states that I've never been to (thanks to our summer trip Alaska is off the list). I think I would like an orchid please and a flower lea. I'm hoping that a work meeting will take me to Hawaii next year. Can you say free vacation?

2. Since we're talking tropical...what's your favorite food or beverage made with pineapple?
Watergate salad. If you've never had it it is simple. Cool Whip, Pistachio pudding mix, mini-marshmallow, crushed pineapple. Yum, yum, yum.

3. Do you believe in soul mates? Explain.
No I don't believe in soul mates. Nice thought but I don't think it works.

4. Share a memory about the house you grew up in.
Here's one about my grandmother's house. I just visited but still a good one. She had a back door that had louvers on it. I loved opening and closing them. We used to play ice cream stop and thought it helped with the setting. I'm not sure why now that I think about it, but it was fun.

5. Are you comfortable with silence?
Of course I am. Silence can be golden.

6. You spot a giant spider on your bedroom wall...what's your next move? (all spiders are giant, right?)
If Dan was around, I would tell him so he could kill it. He is much better at that than I am. If it was on a wall, I would be better than if it is on the carpet. For some reason I just can't get the force right when I push down on the carpet and it always scampers away.

7. My idea of fun does NOT include ______________.
Sweating. All those people who think they are doing fun outside activities while sweating are just crazy.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I read a story about a British man who had a 9 inch fork stuck in him for 10 years. He forgot about it and only realized it when the doctor xrayed him after he was coughing up blood. The original doctor 10 years ago told him it would pass naturally. My questions are how do you swallow a fork and what kind of doctor tells you it is going to pass? And then how do you forget about it when it never does?

A knife but you get the idea what a fork would look like

Things that make you go hmmmm.


  1. Hmm, I'm thinking how drunk do you have to be to swallow a fork and then forget it..... Strange

  2. I can't imagine swallowing a fork, I can barely swallow my vitamins!

    I want to go to Hawaii.....maybe someday.

    I don't know if soul mate is the right word, but my husband is my best friend. I can tell him anything. Sometimes, I start by saying "I don't want you to solve this, just to listen" ....that's because he's a problem solver by nature!

  3. I'm wondering how you swallow a fork? When I taught kindergarten we always took a field trip to a local veterinary office. The highlight for the kids was when the dr. put up x-rays and the kids guessed what the animal had swallowed. Everything from Christmas ornaments to turtles.

  4. I can't imagine swallowing a fork, nor can I imagine any doctor saying that it would pass naturally!

  5. How do you pass a fork??? OOWWWW!!!!

    Watergate salad - I never knew the name of it - but know its YUMMY!!!

  6. So does make you wonder how in the I'm impressed only 2 states you haven't list is long! I do love Watergate salad I haven't had in years...yum!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  7. That fork story is unbelievable! I have the same questions about it you do.

    Hey. Reality TV?? A new show about weird things people put in their bodies?!?

  8. Tracy, Thanks for stopping by. Always fun to make a new blogging friend.

    Yea, for free trips to Hawaii. Hope it happens for you.

    Now, your random thought, I'm scratching my head over that one for sure.

    Happy rest of the week!

  9. Delaware, huh? Depending on when and where you go...take something to filter the smell. My husband's sister used to live outside Harrington and there were miles and miles of chicken farms to go through to get there. Nothing I've ever smelled smells worse than a chicken farm in full bloom. :P

  10. Sweating…. ewww… You are SO right!

    I live near Delaware and only visit it because it has no state taxes. During Christmas season it is a major plus!

  11. How would a fork pass naturally, OUCH. Strange world we live in.