Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fragments - Another Month is History

Linking up with Mrs. 4444 for this week's version of fragments.

Mommy's Idea

I'm happy to report that my work crisis is over and I prevailed! Yesterday an email was sent apologizing for their confusion and I was totally right in what I was asking. So it looks like my department's million dollars is safe and I am on the road to a happy weekend.

Whitney is coming home tomorrow for the weekend. She has all of the time planned with shopping, shopping and shopping. Maybe a little cooking and some homework dropped in too. But mostly shopping. Oh and watching College Gameday with Dan. That's their traditional Saturday morning. Last year was tough on him since she wasn't here. It just isn't the same talking to me about the sappy story or the cliched coach stories.

Did you know the federal government (or at least the DOC) is giving all employees two hours off today as an extra for the Labor Day holiday? Doesn't that seem excessive since the holiday isn't until Monday and everyone already gets that day off? It seems like it is an awful waste of millions of dollars in salary for people to get off two hours early. I understand if it is Christmas Eve and people are trying to get places but this is just ridiculous.

I'm trying to convince myself to get a manicure. My nails have gotten really long and I know they need to be shaped. I really hate cutting them myself because I never get them to look right and I end up with different lengths.

I printed off three government handouts to study for my certification test. 200 pages worth of legalese. Hopefully I don't fall asleep on page one.

Today I leave you with a picture of a cute puppy. Because really how can you not be happy when you see a cute puppy and I want you all to be happy.

Sammy Courtesy of the Daily Puppy website


  1. I love the puppy picture. We had beagles when I was a child. Love beagles.

  2. Yay!!! So glad the work situation worked out and if you saved your department's millions, I think maybe you should get a little bonus!

    I know you're glad your daughter's coming home for the weekend and shopping is always good!

    Just don't even get me started on the government and their waste! It makes me so mad I could bite nails! But I won't because that would also break my teeth!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I want a beagle named Buford! Maybe when my dear ones pass on that will be the dog for me. Enjoy your time with Whitney and have a great long weekend.