Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to make a Seat Cushion

Whitney needed a seat cushion for her desk at school. We looked for something that would match her bedspread or at least would look cute, and nothing worked or it was way too expensive. So I decided to make one.

Now my sewing skills are adequate but I don't usually do anything without a pattern. But I figured how hard could this be. It's a square with ties. So off we went to buy fabric and a cushion.

The fabric she chose was super cute with the added benefit of having a somewhat line for me to follow to cut a straight line. So I measured what I thought I would need, given that I would need to slide the cushion in.

First I sewed the ties and turned them inside out. I used to make scrunchies for Whitney when she was little so I knew how to do that part. The hardest part is turning them inside out. Thanks to a skewer I got them turned out.

Then I needed to sew the sides with the ties attached. I had been smart and cut a big rectangle instead of two squares so I only had to fold it over and sew two sides. My first attempt to sew the ties had me put them on the wrong side. So I had to take out all the stitches and start over. But within no time I had all the ties stitched in and both sides done.

Last step was to put the pre bought cushion (conviently a square shape) and sew the last edge by hand. I folded it like I was wrapping a package and sewed the cushion in. I sewed it twice to make sure it would stay.

The finished project was comfortable, will tie to the chair and looks good. Not too bad for $6 and a couple of hours of my time.

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