Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fragments - Overflowing with Information

I missed last week's fragments due to the fact that my mother was in town and I can't figure out how to cut and paste html code on my ipad. So this week is an overflowing amount. I can't contain them anymore.

Mommy's Idea

As I said my mother was visiting. We spent her visit looking at places for her to live here. She's thinking about moving to be closer to me since she is getting older. We visited a senior apartment complex and also the big furniture store in town so she could price furniture. She would need to decide if it was cost effective to move her furniture or just buy new stuff.

I'm so happy that the garbage disposal/kitchen plumbing is fixed. I realize that dirty dishes are the trigger for me to go over the edge. I had a meltdown because of all the clutter. Normal clutter doesn't bother me but piles of dirty dishes...yikes. I won't let that happen again.

It rained here. This is big news since we are in desperate need of water. Our water source is down the lowest it has ever been and they are talking about water rationing starting in a couple of months. Normally that doesn't happen except in July/August. This is pretty bad.
This is the lake. All that brown is supposed to be under water. The road is going into it because it is a man-made lake and the road was sacrificed to make it.

Whitney's first allergy shots were this week. They explained how they do them and still one of the vials was too strong. So they are going to have to dilute it even more which will add two more months to get her to maintenance level. She was very brave though during her shots. She'll be going on her own starting next week. Luckily the clinic is only about a ten minute drive from her school and she has no classes on Fridays.

My house still has every Christmas decoration up. Between going away for the holidays and then having company I haven't had time to do it. I'll try and get the Christmasy stuff put away this weekend but the snowmen stay out through February.

Anyone watching Top Chef? I sure wish they would get rid of Josie. Gosh she gets on my nerves. Please next week get rid of her.

Ever bend back a fingernail without breaking it? Know that pain? I did that Thursday morning and I must have ripped it enough from the nail bed for it to bleed. I got to work and had a bunch of blood under it. Let's just say that wasn't pleasant.

Oscar nominations came out. I've only seen one movie in 2012 so I'm a poor judge of if they did good or not. But I'll still watch the show to see the fashion disasters. Last year I actually went to bed before the end. A sure sign of getting old.


  1. OHHHH - hate that pain with the fingernail!! :(

    We're supposed to get up to 5 inches of rain this weekend.

    Dont feel bad - I still have my tree up too


  2. My house is still Christmasized - - - BY CHOICE.

    I thought about taking it down and putting it away this weekend, but decided next would be better. I'm still enjoying it all.

    Don't forget to link these frags up over at Mrs. 4444's place - - - I notice they aren't over there yet.

  3. You are given yourself fingernail torture - good training for a spy.
    If you post from an Ipad more power to you. I can't type out sentences on those things.

  4. I just looked at the list and I've actually seen quite a few of the best pic nominees this year-Lincoln, Argo, Les Mis, and Life of Pi...I liked them all.

    I've done the fingernail thing-ugh! Have a nice weekend!

  5. Our Christmas decorations are still up, which I don't like. This is the first time we've had a non-pre-decorated tree. I totally forgot that we don't have anywhere to store the few ornaments that we have, all of which are fragile. Sigh. The good news is, this calls for a trip to the Container Store!

  6. I still have a few Christmas things out..... mostly the things I've forgotten about! I just took my Christmas plates down today!

    Hope you get enough rain to do some good.

    Yes, I've done that with a fingernail....until I started keeping them so short they can't bend!

  7. My mom is beginning to understand that she has to make some choices in order to be live alone successfully. I would hope she would like a place where she had some assistance but I don't think she wants that quite yet. I spent the holidays with her. I hope your mom makes wise decisions in 2013.

  8. I am not up on movies either, I wonder what was nominated for picture of the year?

    I hate bending my nails back!!!

    I could not take allergy shots, no way!!

    I hope the move and planning all goes smoothly. It's a wise move for your mom. I hope my mother is up for that conversation 10 years down the road or so.

  9. OUCH! I hate when I do that to my fingernail!
    I haven't watched Top Chef since Carla was on there.
    CH & YS finally took the last of the Christmas boxes downstairs Wednesday. I hate how bare the house looks after the holidays! I have noticed that there are quite a few houses that still have decorations up...a lot more than last year!

  10. I got allergy shots for years was able to stop for the past 10 years and now my allergies are back with a vengeance.
    I put my Christmas stuff away last Monday, only because I have been home sick.
    I think its nice your Mom wants to be closer to you. My parents are in Florida and I am in Philadelphia. I really wish they would come back here but I sure can understand why they do not want to.
    I saw 2 of the movies nominated and loved both but will be watching for the fashion disasters as well.
    OMGoodness..hate when that happens with a nail:(