Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hodgepodge - The SUPER Version

Joining up with Joyce for this week's hodgepodge question. I promise it will be SUPER!

1. In the USA this coming Sunday millions will be watching as the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49's in the Superbowl. What was the last event you attended that could be described as super?

I can see that we are going to get lots of different kinds of answers on this question. I'm going to go with Whitney's high school graduation. It was super because both her grandmothers were here and that it symbolized all the hard work she had put into school by graduating with a 4.0 GPA. It closed out a chapter in her life and opened up a new exciting one. So that's why it was super.

2. Share something you're a fan of these days?

I'm a fan of my ipad. I love the portability and ease of taking it everywhere.

3. How do you feel about wings? In case anyone is confused, I'm talking the edible appetizer kind. What's your preferred seasoning on a wing-hot, mild, teryiaki, sweet and sour, other? Do you make your own or is there a favorite place you like to go for wings?

We used to make wings and then we stopped. I think because they tend to be greasy and I really try and avoid greasy food. But when we did make them we liked them HOT. So hot that I would have a coughing fit immediately on first bite. And I better have taken some heartburn medicine beforehand.

4. As long as we're talking sports today...have you followed the Lance Armstrong story? Did you watch his interview with Oprah and if so what was your reaction to his confession and subsequent remarks?

Didn't watch, don't care.

5. What's a question you hate to be asked?

What do you want for Christmas? I'm terrible at lists although last year I did a good job I think of writing stuff down.

6. The coaches in this Sunday's big game happen to be real life brothers. Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49er's and his older brother John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens. Were you and your sibling(s) competitive? In what way? Are you still? If you're an only child how did you handle competition growing up?

I'm competitive in the sense that I hate to lose (although getting older I'm a little better than when I was young). I don't think I was competitive with my brother only because we didn't do anything the same. Neither of us were into sports so that probably helped.

7. What's your favorite game involving a ball and when did you last play?

Baseball is my favorite game and I've never played. But I've watched many, many games.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Whitney sent me this video. It's a pep talk by Kid President. You have to watch it. Things to take away from it...It is easy to be boring. So don't be boring.


  1. Boy, do I love my iPad, too! When Chris got it for my birthday back in August, I told him I didn't need it and that I'd never use wrong I was! :)

  2. What a great video. That little boys is absolutely adorable. I could just eat him up! :)

  3. My hubby wants an iPad - hmmm... :-)

  4. We haven't gotten into the i-pad yet however my 18 month old granddaughter loves theirs and can say i-pad.

  5. I wish I was a fan of an iPad :) need to get one first

    Yep... the Christmas question - I hate that one too!

  6. I'm slightly addicted to my ipad. My hubs might say more than slightly : )

  7. My name is Carrie and I am an ipadaholic. Ha.

    Loved the video!