Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fragments

Have you joined Mrs. 4444 for Friday Fragments? If not, you should.

Mommy's Idea

I got a new computer at work. Huge screen and no box. It is an all in one. Only has two cords too. Of course I screwed something up on it immediately and no one knows how to fix it.

This weekend we are going to go look for a new back door and a new bathroom sink. The list of items to do for the house WILL be going down.

I found out that I'm going to get a raise for passing my certification test. Yippee!

My plea for Words with Friends players has yielded me two more opponents. If you want to play, I'm treinke65. I also do Hanging with Friends.

I finally have a stupid criminal to relate to you. A guy was arrested for shoplifting two pairs of underwear from a Dollar General store. He told police he needed the underwear to go to jail for the weekend to serve a sentence for shoplifting prior. I think he's going to need more than two pairs of underwear now.

The right person won Project Runway Allstars. I feel like the allstars version has been so that they can right the wrongs of past seasons. Both winners were people that should have won their season.

I can't believe that Josie is still on Top Chef. If she doesn't get off fast, I'll be very disappointed in the show. I'm stilling voting to save Chef Kuniko but if Kirsten loses Last Chance Kitchen, I'll have to change my vote.

For those of you watching Revenge, I never said it, but I predicted that the new girl was going to be trouble. How can you sell out cute Nolan? That boy just has no luck in love.

Hope everyone enjoys a three day weekend (if you get one). I know I'm looking forward to mine.


  1. Yep, poor Nolan.
    Yay for the list going down!
    Stupid criminal: I think "stupid" is the right adjective!
    I need to catch up on Top Chef. I haven't really watched since Carla was on there.
    Snow day today (and no water to clean up in the basement!), so The Chew is a must!

  2. Three day weekend? Try a FOUR day weekend. The kids are off school today and Monday! Whoohoo!

  3. I don't watch any of the shows you mentioned, though I did see commercials for Revenge, and the main character (the blond) is Rebecca from Brothers & Sisters, one of my favorite shows that went off the air.
    So I might watch it sometime.

    We got an all in one pc. After 7 years of being only Mac. I hate it. Seriously, I don't get Windows 8 at all, and the touchscreen thing? ick. I did the same thing too. Used it once and messed it up.

    Which is why I am back on my 7 yr old mac, in the corner, going at snail speed.

    I'm good with that.

  4. I LOVE Revenge, although Hubs and I are a bit confused this year as to whats going on...too many newbies and sub plots and it is hard to know who is good and who is BAD. I wish Daniel would just...oh I don't know he just seems to be a puppet that everyone plays with. What is Emily's plan now...hmmmm
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    PS I'm jealous you only have 2 cords for your computer! My feet are always getting tangle up in that mess!

  5. I'm so bummed for Nolan. I was rooting for him a decent person... but I'm not sure anyone is decent on there... except for Jack :(

    I didnt even see one episode of Project Runway all-stars - DANG IT!!! So who won?????


  6. That was a stupid criminal, I believe they ISSUE them prison clothes.

    Goofy man.

    That is an AWESOME monitor screen.

  7. That truly was a stupid criminal and yuck!
    I love your new computer, I have computer envy:) I am going to redo my office in February and that is what I am most excited about...getting rid of the wires.
    I don't watch any of those shows either. I wanted to watch Revenge it just didn't work.
    I ridiculously admit to watching too much reality tv, I have a good friend on one of the shows and sort of got hooked:)
    Have a great weekend...

  8. Lol -- what Keetha said. Congratulations on your raise!

  9. Oh, I can so relate to messing up a computer! I do it on a regular basis. I absolutely loved the stupid criminal story.....the boy just needed some underwear.....but don't they issue them some in jail. I hope I never have to find out the answer to that question! Congratulations on the raise! AND for crossing things off on your to do list!

  10. well lol I guess he at least had a plan and reason for doing the crime oh my
    come see us at

  11. Oh My Word... I had other things to say, but the shoplifter stopped me in my tracks. That is priceless!

  12. I will happily play either of those games with you, but warning, I stink big time. My ID is: tettelestai

    My hubby and I are excellent at killing off a computer!

  13. Wonder what happened to the computer. I would like to get a self-contained one like that but am a little leary if something goes wrong, would I be able to get it fixed or would I have to get a whole new one?