Saturday, January 22, 2011

20 Points - SAT

That's all that separates my daughter from $3,000 more in scholarship money. 20 little points. That's like four right answers on a four hour test. How can 20 points be so significant? How can a test determine so much?

Whitney is a smart kid. 4.0 GPA, active at school, varsity pom member, 14 years of dance. And yet, none of that seems to count on getting scholarships for college. What do they want? A 30+ on the ACT test for anything decent. Since when did grades at school not make a difference? This severely handicaps anyone who has test anxiety.

The system is unfair. I know my child can be successful at college, just like she has been at high school. It seems like no one wants to give her a chance because she doesn't have those 20 points.


  1. I feel for you, Sheldon also had/has major test anixety. She got enough of a scholarship to cover tuition but not room and board. Sadly in this economy scholarships are even harder to come by. Good luck to her, she'll do great!!!!

    Thanks for commenting today.

  2. It IS rough. College is so expensive and it really is a lot harder than people think to get scholarship money. Good luck to you! I found much more ease in getting money for grad school. I'm done with grad school, but I'm still paying for undergrad!

  3. Those tests never measure the competence of a child. I did not do well on my SATS and did great in college.