Wednesday, January 12, 2011

James Bond is Returning!

OK, I'm just a little excited. I have a strange fascination for this James Bond character. When I was younger I watched all the movies over and over. I know all the lines, I can tell you all the girls, I can tell you all the gadgets. Then they brought Roger Moore in and sort of ruined it for awhile. Then a string of others who shall remain nameless and I lost touch with my beloved James Bond. (You do know he married a Tracy so of course I'm smitten).

Then Daniel Craig comes along and becomes the "blond" James Bond. Let me tell you my love affair began all over again. He has the sauveness that I love, the face and body of a Greek god, and of course the deadpan way of delivering lines that you just have to get more of.

I fell so back in love that I actually paid money to see the second movie he was in at the expensive movie theater. I believe that is the last movie I've gone to see at a theater.

So last year when they announced that money problems were going to postpone indefinitely the release of the new movie, I was aghast. How was I going to get my fix? I know I can continue to watch the movies every time they come on tv (yes I do that) but I need more. So today I saw a headline that talked about they have a new production company and in November 2012 the movie should come out. Do they have a story? No. Do I care if they have a story? No. Do they have Daniel Craig signed up again? Yes. Do I care that they have him again? YES.

So now I leave you with photos of my dear Mr. Bond. Only 23 months until I see you again.

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