Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Amusement Park/Fair Food

It is always interesting to see what kinds of foods are sold at amusement parks and fairs. You know not the standard burgers/hot dogs/ice cream but the stuff at the little carts or the big draws.

For example in Oklahoma we seem to have lots of corn dogs, indian tacos and funnel cakes. That may explain why Oklahoma is one of the most obese states with all that fried food.

When we were in California the first place we went was to Sea World. They didn't have a lot of food options open but there seemed to be churro stands. I thought how strange. So the next day we were at the San Diego Zoo. More churro stands. Then we went to Universal Studios and guess what, churro stands all over the place. Finally we were at Disneyland and I thought surely we would have some Mickey Mouse ice cream and goodies. Well I saw one of those stands but probably 15 churro stands. It got to be that I thought I was using cinnamon as a perfume. I didn't eat any of them but they certainly were very popular.

I assume that was a regional staple and I won't be seeing them popping up at the Oklahoma State Fair next year.

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