Saturday, January 15, 2011

There she is...Miss America

OK, I have to admit, when I was younger I would live for this night. The beautiful women, the singing/dancing/playing piano. I just loved watching the show and pretending that I would win. Then as I got older, the contest diminished in value to me. I knew that our fair state of Oklahoma had a few winners, all it seemed from Oklahoma City University, the lovely school my daughter wants to attend. They are in fact, quite proud of their Miss America's there and have a whole wall of their photos.

So it came to my surprise that this evening was the Miss America pageant. Whitney decided to tape it to watch and after we had finished another show on the dvr, it switched over to it. The pageant hadn't changed a bit. Except that the girls seemed to have more "work" done than in the old days and the host wasn't quite the man that Bert Parks was.

Whitney went back to watch it (I hear it in the background as we speak), Miss Oklahoma is still in the running, and the singing has gotten worse (opera). I don't wish I had the crown like I used to, I criticize what they dresses are, but I do recognize that these are talented, beautiful women. If it gets them scholarship money, I applaud their effort.

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