Thursday, January 20, 2011

ICE...SNOW...Phone calls in the night

So the first "ice storm" of the season hit us overnight. It really wasn't much of a storm, the roads really don't look too bad. And we did get a little bit of snow to cover the ice. But at 6am first Dan's cell phone rang. I wondered who would be calling that. Then the house phone rang and I knew it must be school. And it was the automated voice "Due to icy road conditions, all school activities are canceled". Ah does that mean school or just the activities? At 6am my brain isn't quite working. So I logged into the news sites and it meant both. OK, go turn off Whitney's alarm. She was set to get up shortly after that and was awake but at least she knew she could stay cozy in bed. I went back to bed and figured I would just stay there and go in late to work.

About 6:45 I decided to get up and just take another look at the closings. There it was, my work was closed. Woohoo! I could get stuff done today. So I waited for our automatic phone call system to let me know we were closed. I waited for my email to say we were closed. It is now 4 1/2 hours since it was made official and I have received no emergency notification from work. The system failed. What makes this even worse, is yesterday we received our practice emergency email about how great the phone/email system would be in cases of emergency. Four emails of the exact same thing.

So it worked super good yesterday in the test. Probably the test broke the system. Epic FAIL!

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  1. I think maybe you found me via the blog jump--thanks for adding yourself to my list, and sorry for the massive break between posts. I'm back (I think).
    Kate (The Hooligan's Mother)