Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pet Peeves

Today is going to be a rant kind of day.  Why?  Because I want to, that's why. 

1.  Not returning phone calls. My first disclaimer must be that I absolutely hate talking on the phone. I would even go so far as saying I have phone phobia.  I'm not sure where this came from, but over the years it has gotten worse. So if I do make a phone call, it must be pretty important. And if I leave a message, it must be doubly important.  So return my phone call.

2.  Being late. I feel that being late is a sign of rudeness.  That you do not value my time.  That I am less important than you are. Believe me, I am just as important as you are.

3.  Overzealousness.  OK, this needs some explaining. In my job, I have to deal with a lot of people who always seem to need something or don't like how I'm doing it. I've been doing this for 20+ years so I think I know how to do it. I do not need you bugging me every ten minutes to see if it is done, nor do I need you to tell me how to do it. All you do is tick me off and I want to put you at the bottom of the pile and never help you.

4.  Superiority Complexes.  There is nothing worse than people thinking they are better than you because they have a PhD and you don't. I may not have a PhD from college, but I have a life one and I think that is pretty good. And your PhD may mean you are great in your field, but it doesn't mean a whole lot in day to day treatment of people.

5.  Intolerance.  Just because someone is different than you, doesn't mean that they are a lesser person. It just means they are different.

6.  24 hour news media. They seem to have taken over how we think. They tell us what we should be worried about and ignore other issues. Have the people in Haiti gotten miraculously better since the media wasn't covering the after-earthquake news? Why is one person's disappearance more worthy of news than another person's? Maybe if the media would stop saying how bad the economy is, it would improve because people who are doing fine wouldn't think they need to stop spending because the economy is so bad.

7.  Constant cursing in movies/music.  I am not a saint and I do swear occassionally. But do you really need to have someone say a curse word every other word in a movie/tv show or all the time in lyrics? Could you not come up with something better to say? I always told that if swore it just meant you couldn't come up with the right words. So perhaps these people aren't very creative.

Thanks for listening to the rant portion of the day.  Now get back to happy, joyful thoughts. I will.


  1. Do you by chance work in higher education? I can completely relate #4!

  2. Yes I work for a university. All my life.

  3. So fully agree, keep ranting ;)

  4. My husband has a phone phobia as well...hmmm...very interesting. I blamed it on the fact that he's from Newfoundland and I teased that they probably didn't even know what a phone was till he moved to the real part of Canada. But now you go and ruin that theory by admitting to the same phobia!