Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Interior Decorating

We are so close to finishing updating the house. It has only taken us years to get to this point. The living/dining/kitchen has been painted. The ceiling still needs to be painted. But before that happens, we need to replace the kitchen light fixtures. They still are the builder's grade florescent light and cheap over sink light. I cannot tell you how hideous the florescent one is. So we have been light looking. Nowadays all kitchens have recessed lights, but we'd have to hire an electrician to rewire the whole place and we aren't going to do that.

So we need a light that will put out enough light so we can cook but also look good. This seems to be a very hard combination. Our kitchen isn't that big but it has 12' ceilings. It also is open into the dining room and barely separated from the living room. The only windows are in those other rooms.

Also we have replaced a lot of light fixtures in the house, so we know we like the antique brass look.

So we have come up with two options. Option one would have five 100 watt bulbs facing up and one 60 watt bulb facing down for the chandelier and then we would buy a pendant light for over the sink. They would be antique brass but they aren't necessarily quite the same style.

Option two would have five 60 watt bulbs facing up and have a semi-flush mounted light over the sink with either two or three 60 watt bulbs. This option comes in iron not antique brass but I couldn't tell a big difference. They are in the same style.
I don't know what to do. I'm so not an interior decorator. And I hate to get one and then after it is installed it not be enough light. What should I do?

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