Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashion and Walmart

I know just the title makes you go what is she thinking. But you see some of the strangest things at Walmart. I used to always make sure to wear jeans instead of sweats because I didn't want to embarass myself there and then I realized that even in my sweats I looked better than half the people there. So I just wear what I wear around the house (as long as it matches).

Today I was there stocking up on supplies since we just got back from vacation. And not two minutes into the store I saw exactly what I was waiting for...a fashion disaster. I was in the cosmetic aisle and there was a woman probably in her 20's wearing pajama pants. Not just any pajama pants, but white fleece ones with big Mickey Mouse heads. She did have on shoes, not slippers, but the top she was wearing didn't match anything. Of course what could match those pants.

My first thought was darn I wish my had my camera so I could post this. Then I realized that I just couldn't take pictures of people at Walmart like I did at amusement parks. Sort of hard to explain that one to someone. And then I realized I DID have my camera. I had to talk myself out of taking it out of my purse. I need to come up with a reasonable excuse for taking photos of people at Walmart in future situations so I can post those photos.

Any ideas?


  1. Draw some stick cartoon people for us. That would be hilarious! :)

  2. They already have a whole website for that!!!

    Check it out! :)