Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stealing Candy from Babies

I didn't really steal candy from babies. I "borrowed" a scarf from my daughter. Seems like she has lots of accessories and I have none. Well a few but no scarves or chunky jewelry. I needed something to go with the very plain black sweater that I'm wearing today so I usually "borrow" a scarf from her. Today's version was a new scarf that she hadn't even wore herself. Pretty snazzy purple. I did ask before I borrowed and she gave me this one saying Ineeded a pop of color. Then she criticized my choice of boot saying you are wearing brown boots? I have jeans on and I can wear any darn color of boot I want to I think. And brown is a neutral. At least that's what they tell me on tv.

So I think I should probably buy a couple of scarves since she will be taking everything with her to college next August. I guess I'll have to take her with me so she can pick them out for me since I don't know how to match anything.

1 comment:

  1. Brown and black TOTALLY go together. At least that's what What Not To Wear tells me.

    I need to wear more scarves...