Friday, January 14, 2011

Breakfast - The Most Important Meal of the Day

Didn't you learn that when you were little? I am a strong advocate of breakfast. I have a bowl of cereal every morning. If I didn't, I would be a very cranky, hungry woman all morning and I would be sick from my morning medicine. So please eat breakfast.

That being said, how difficult is it to make breakfast at home? There are all sorts of options. Notice I didn't say break out the waffle maker, make eggs benedict and homemade biscuits every day. No, I get a nice bowl of shredded wheat or cheerios (they make chocolate which is totally yummy) and read the paper. If you really are rushed, grab a breakfast bar or bagel.

So when I saw that McDonald's was now serving oatmeal I had to ask myself, who in the world would get oatmeal at McDonald's? Is that such a difficult dish to make that you have to get it at a place known for hamburgers?

Instant oatmeal packets take all of one minute to boil the water in the microwave and they are already pre-portioned. If you want a better tasting oatmeal, get the big container of quick oats and it takes about three minutes. You can add whatever you like. I suggest brown sugar and raisins.

McDonald's serves there with or without brown sugar and they add apples. OK, so cutting an apple may take a little more time than the rest of the dish so that would be a benefit to McDonald's. But don't you spend at least five minutes waiting to order and get served? That really isn't a time savings if you could do it at home. Plus you have to eat in the car while driving. People pay attention to the road.
So please eat a nice breakfast at home and start your day right.

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  1. The reason McDonald's has oatmeal is to fight "veto power". Suppose you have a group of 10 people who want to go out for breakfast. If one of them says that she doesn't want to eat at McDonald's because all they have is junk, all 10 of them will go someplace else. The oatmeal is to handle that one person in every crowd.

    Restaurants do this all time -- they will try to have at least one token fish dish (Catholics on Fridays), vegetarian dish, healthy dish, gluten-free dish, etc.