Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. If you could work for any one government agency which would you choose and why?
I've worked for a state funded university for 24 years so that sort of is a state agency. But I'm sure this means federal. And I work with a federal government agency and after dealing with them for 9 years I would never choose to work for them. I'm not sure I would choose to work for any government agency. They are so full of paper pushers that don't know what they are doing. And so many levels of management and committees and committees to study the committees it is ridiculous. It is no wonder that there are so many financial problems with our country. If they would clean house and get rid of some levels, we would have lots of money.

However, I might have to work for the IRS and get the tax cheaters. I would like that.

2. How difficult is it for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologize?

Hmmm, thought provoking questions today. Forgiveness is something that I have to work hard for, especially if the other person won't admit their wrongness. I know we should forgive but I'm afraid I'm not quite up to that yet.

3. What is your favorite meatless supper?

Pesto on anything.

4. Wednesday August 10th is National Lazy Day...will you be celebrating? If so, tell us how so we can be lazy too.

I'll celebrate it by figuring out how to post this blog at a scheduled time so I don't have to work at it. LOL

5. As a child did you have any special back to school traditions and if so, what were they? If you're a parent did you carry on those traditions with your own children?

I don't remember any from when I was a child. When Whitney was young, I always had to take a picture of her with her backpack going to school for the first day. But when she got to middle school that stopped.

We did have a tradition of going out to dinner the last day of school to celebrate getting through the year.

6. Write a summer tongue twister.

I don't do tongue twisters. Too many years in speech therapy for me to want to revisit that.

7. Would you be interested in observing a surgery or do you turn away when the nurse brings out the needle?

Absolutely no way. I had shoulder reconstruction done 20 years ago and they made a videotape of the beginning and even talked to me. I watched it when I was hopped up on painkillers. I only watched part of it and remember seeing floating stuff inside my arm and said that's enough. Threw it away. And I never want to see anything like that again.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Oklahoma set a record for hottest average temperature for a month for any state at any time in July. At least over the last couple of days we've had a couple of thunderstorms pop up around the state and it has helped places. Although we haven't gotten but a trace of rain. The forecast for next week is looking like the 90's for move-in day. Thank goodness. I never thought I'd be saying that.


  1. Glad you will be having "cooler" temperatures for move-in day :)

  2. Ha-temperature is a very relative thing isn't it?

    I get annoyed at the ads that allow people who haven't paid taxes in something like ten years to get off scott free. How is that fair? I guess it just isn't.

  3. It's sad when the 90's sound like a cool front, isn't it?! We are about to fry down here, too!

  4. any of the extremes means less bugs; hope it gets better ;)

  5. Today it's supposed to be 99 here - heat index of about 110. It's been ridiculously hot. Ugh...I'm glad it'll be "cooling off" for you!