Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She's Flown the Coop

Whitney is officially a college student. Yesterday's move in went very smoothly. I'm sure it helps that it is a small college, but there were so many people to help unload the car (right in front of the dorm I might add) it only took two trips and 30 minutes total. A couple of hours later and everything was unpacked. We met her roommate (a lovely young lady from Colorado) and her parents. The third roommate hasn't shown up yet and it is looking like maybe she won't. And there is no one assigned to their connecting room so currently it is just the two of them for the bathroom.
All of her shoes fit in the drawers
The bed side of her space
A tiny desk for a tiny girl on a tiny laptop

After getting in the room, we were able to see what we had bought that needs to be returned (no need for a power strip) and what we needed (another rug and a small curtain). The mini-fridge we had ordered wasn't there yet so we had to call about that. They seem to being delivered today. The closet is huge (of course she didn't take all her clothes but she has room) and because so much storage is around, the space doesn't seem as small as it is.

Whitney even got a job yesterday. She had applied on Sunday and just had to bring by her class schedule. She started training today.


  1. Wow, the room looks huge! When I was in school we did not have nice wood anything, we had metal beds, desks, chairs, and a small night stand all contained within a cinder block building. Dorms sure have evolved.

  2. That closet looks great for dorm space! I remember my roommate and I shared the smallest closet ever when we were Freshmen. (Fast forward 20 years and our college has made that room a single now!)
    I hope she does well with her roommate--that makes so much difference!

  3. What an adorable room! She looks so happy. I know it is big step, but it gets easier.

    Do you know I didn't take one.single.pic yesterday when we moved Squirrel in? I think I was still reeling from the storm. [And no, we didn't have unload in the rain.]

    She is so lovely. I am sure you are so proud.