Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dreaming of Cool Weather

OK, it's all I talk about. It's all anybody talks about here. And we can't escape it. But we can dream of cooler weather. So I'm starting to think cool weather trips.

First trip is to Colorado in October. I have a work meeting in Boulder and Fort Collins so it is FREE for me to go. I'm hoping for fall colors and crisp evenings. Oh how I dream of crisp evenings.

Second trip is to Washington DC in November. I have a work conference there. I swore I would never join this group because their meetings are always in DC and I already have to go there once a year for work so I didn't want to go twice a year. But this year the program had a lot of good sessions so I've decided to join this year because of that. Plus I get to go with a couple of people from another office at work that I like and it is held in a different part of DC. So hoping for cool weather there too and no rain.

Third trip is a mini-vacation in October with Dan. Right now we are thinking of going maybe to the Ozarks in Arkansas and just chill out. I want a place near water where I can just hang out and read and he can go on hikes. We stayed in a place on Vancouver Island in Canada one summer that is exactly what I'm looking for. Of course that isn't Arkansas so I have no idea if I'll find it. But it was a three story townhouse/cabin that had two bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen and a huge tub. It was in the forest and the ocean was minutes away. And at the end of June we still had to wear a jacket. WOW.

So I'll dream of cool weather. And I'll leave you a photo from our winter snow/ice storm to cool us all down.

Doesn't that make you cool?

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  1. LOL! I love the fall and winter but I am enjoying lazy days filled with reading at the beach.