Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I had a couple of blog thoughts so I decided to combine them into one since they are random.

The first is Hurricane Irene. I've lived through two of them (one in Florida and one in Houston)  and while they were both minor on the hurricane scale (I slept through the Florida one) I think I've had enough. So yesterday I found out that our radar trucks are going out to chase the hurricane. Normally it is tornadoes but since hurricanes can produce tornadoes they have done this before. I had to do a couple of things with the truck before it went out, so as I was down at the vehicle bay checking the mileage, one of the students asked me if I was going hurricane chasing. I had to laugh and say no, that I was needed here. But can you imagine me in a big old truck or van chasing a hurricane. I don't think so. But if any of you are near Morehead, NC, that's where they are heading. I would say that you won't have the brunt of the storm there because they wouldn't put the radar truck in harms way, but you will be near enough for strong winds (but not super strong because that truck is worth a lot of money).

The second is I survived an endoscopy on Tuesday. I've had acid reflux for a couple of years and I'm on about as strong of medicine that you can have and it still isn't completely calmed. So my doctor wanted to check it out. The hardest part was that it was scheduled for 2:30 in the afternoon. And you can't eat anything after midnight or drink anything after 10am. Now I eat on a schedule, and that schedule does not mean not eating all day. And I drink lots of water. I was afraid that I would be cranky and pass out at work but I made it. And I slept all the way through the procedure (thank you demerol) and don't remember a thing. They did a biopsy but the doctor thought everything looked good. I did have to tell him about my sleepwalking incident over the weekend where I somehow emptied an entire bottle of my medicine (2 months worth) into a sink full of water. Ruined every single pill. So he gave me samples to tide me over until the insurance company will pay for a refill. Luckily there isn't really a black market for acid reflux medicine so me saying I dumped a bottle didn't raise a red flag like it would for lortab or oxycontin.

Hope you have a good Thursday.

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  1. I had the same thing done last year and you aren't kidding about being starving and parched by that late in the afternoon. I was ready to grab someone and get a tuna fish sandwich. heehee They diagnosed gastritis tho' - not acid reflux. I hope the doctor figures something out and you get some relief. It can't be comfortable and I know it must make eating so hard.

    We have been through quite a few hurricanes - we don't worry about them. Just batten down the hatches and evacuate if they tell us too. We are farther up the coast, in VA, so I don't think it will hit us as hard as your area. I know Morehead City well - my thoughts are with you. Please take care and stay out of the radar truck!