Monday, August 1, 2011

August... The Dog Days of Summer

August is going to be quite the month. No dog days here. Someone said it was more like dog dies of summer because of our heat and that sure is the truth.

This is so absolutely not normal. We are 10-15 degrees above the average for this time of year. We are breaking records all around. The hottest summer here was in 1980 and at the rate we are going, we will break it about mid-August. It can stay hot here until mid-late September. BLECH!!!!

This is birthday month for myself and Dan. For a lovely 13 days we are the same age and then I magically get older than him for another 352 days.

And in two weeks, we'll be moving Whitney up to OCU to live in the dorms and go to college. I love that she will be able to experience college by living on campus and I also love that she isn't too far away from home. She can keep all of her doctors here and just schedule appointments when she is free. It only takes 30 minutes to drive depending on traffic so I know if there is a problem, we can get to her quickly. I'm only going to hate that move in day when it is so dreadfully hot and we won't be able to park close to the dorm. Can we say let's limit our trips?

The Oklahoma City public schools started today. They are switching to a year-round school calendar. I know that they were making sure that all the air conditioning was working in the schools. It would be dangerous if it didn't. And I hope that they have indoor recess at lunch time. It is way too hot to be outside. Norman doesn't start until August 24. We'll never go to year-round because so much of our stuff is tied to OU's schedule. Even the school's fall break matches the ever important OU-Texas football game weekend. We wouldn't want all the families to miss out on going down to Dallas on Friday. (Yes that is sarcasm).

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  1. It's hot here in Denver too. Blech. I'm camping out in my basement and cooking in the crock pot.
    Good luck with getting your daughter off to college. wow.