Monday, August 29, 2011

Diet Vanilla Coke

Years ago, there was a Diet Coke with vanilla. It was the most delicious drink ever. I was so hooked on it. And then Coke decided to stop making it. I of course did not know this until several stops at the store with nothing on the shelves and then I saw it online. Let me tell you, I panicked. I bought every single one that I could find. I almost killed the child (not mine) who drank my last one out of the fridge (and then she didn't even finish it).
Then I realized that I could get a Route 44 Sonic diet Coke with vanilla. The Sonic nearest my house makes the best ones (I think they add extra vanilla). But then I realized was it really worth spending over $2 for a drink that has so much ice in it I slurp the drink down before I know it. So I stopped getting them. But the other day I was out in the afternoon and it was happy hour, so I got a drink. Not the biggest size, I settled for a large. But they had one of those phone surveys afterwards to see how they were doing and you got a free Route 44 drink. I don't like doing those surveys but hey it was a good treat.

So now I sit with my coupon for a free drink. And I ask myself, is it worth going out in the 100+ degrees to get my drink. I am pretty sure the answer is no. Eventhough I really would like some caffeine and I don't have change for the vending machine. So I sit here drinking my water dreaming of a Route 44 diet Coke with vanilla.


  1. Why don't you make them yourself, at home Tracy? That would save a lot of money I am sure [and a trip!] Because Sonic is just putting Vanilla syrup in a regular diet Coke.

    It does sound delicious. I love Coke anything, but didn't realize the diet used to come in flavors. Yum

  2. I, too, miss the days of delicious vanilla coke. Every now and then I see it on a menu, and I wonder myself if they recently discovered a case in the attic....but I drink it anyway. :)

  3. I used to make it myself and then just gave up because I couldn't get it right no matter the amount of vanilla syrup I used. I got the kind that you add to coffee and I'm sure that's the kind that they use at Sonic. Maybe its the carbonation that the soda machine adds?