Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Curse these Feet

I hate my feet. (Note that no pictures of said feet will appear in this blog to protect your innocent eyes). They have to be some of the hardest to fit feet in the world. Shoe shopping is a nightmare. I would love to be able to walk into a store and go up to a cute pair of shoes that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and put them on and have them fit perfectly. HAHA. I was cursed blessed with narrow heels. Every pair of slip on loafer, sandal, boot made out there seems to be made for medium heels. Not a single pair fits me. I have tried narrow shoes (when I can find them) and they don't fit. For years I had one pair of shoes I wore to work every day and when it wore out I bought another pair just like it. It was a tie shoe and I could cinch up the laces super tight and the shoe would stay on. Alas, that shoe wore out and there is none to be found. In the winter I can get away with boots because I wear really thick socks and the slipping isn't too bad. In the summer sandals are ok but I don't like ones with the toe strap so that really makes it hard to find.

But now I actually need to buy a pair of dress shoes. I wear jeans to work all winter but I needed a pair of slacks so I can wear them to a national meeting and look professional. I mean I am professional I just don't dress that way. So I went to six stores over the weekend and nothing fit. I even tried the expensive store but I just can't pay over $100 for a pair of shoes that I'm hardly going to wear. So I thought fine, I'll just get another pair of boots and make them work with the slacks. Now I can't find any boots. They are either the really low ones or knee high ones that won't fit over my fat toned calf. So what do I do? I guess I'm going to have to go online and order a bunch from a website that offers free shipping both ways and hope that something will work. Because I still have to get the slacks altered for my short body. My meeting is in two weeks. Yikes.

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