Monday, September 26, 2011

Week One TV Reviews

Last week I brought you a list of shows I was going to watch this fall. I did watch all of them (well except the Iron Chef one because it doesn't start until next month). So here's my review.

1. Person of Interest
I almost was going to miss it because I was taping two things but I quickly decided to ditch night two of the X Factor to watch it. I sure am glad I didn't miss it. It was very interesting and creative. It had enough believability that you think it could happen but you know it can't. I highly recommend this one if you like crime solving shows. This is definitely one that I want Dan to watch with me.

2. Revenge
I can see where this is going to run out of steam at some point. Because really how many people can she get revenge against for what happened to her father. But I enjoyed the show. I would call it chick tv.

3. The X Factor
I watched the first night but will wait until after they get past this audition stage to watch it again. I really don't like watching bad singers. All they are doing is encouraging crap. I just want talent people. So I'll hold off for a couple of weeks.

4. Prime Suspect
I forgot to mention this one and in fact I missed the first half of the show. I like Maria Bello. It seemed fast paced and I could get into it. So I'll be watching this one again. And Dan might watch it with me because he likes her too. Check out The Cooler if you want to see her in a good movie.

5. The Amazing Race
I wish they would cast this show differently. I'm tired of the newly dated good looking couple, the blondes, the dumb girls with big boobs teams. Please, can we have normal everyday people. The dumb girls lost their passports before they even made it to the airport. How lucky for them that someone at the gas station realized they were on the show and posted on twitter they found them and were told to take them to the airport. Otherwise they wouldn't have even made it out of the country. Can't wait to get them off the show fast. I withhold judgement on the rest of the teams until another week of so goes by. And the tasks better get harder.

6. Glee
We saw our first Glee Project runner up on this show in a role just like the creator described. Overall I thought it was a good first show. Although the Sue craziness running for congress is way too much. And thank you for having Blaine join the school. Next week's preview however had the best line to come out of the show for quite awhile thanks to our resident dumb blonde Brittney. It was so funny that Whitney and I started texting each other immediately with it and I think it is our new catch phrase. They've been using it in the commercials and it still cracks me up. "What's the capital of Ohio?" "O"  LOL

Project Runway is wearing on me. There doesn't seem to be much talent this year. There is an all-star version coming up and I'm more hopeful for them. FoodTruck Road Race ended last night. Think I'm done watching anything like that again.


  1. Prime Suspect was good and I think Revenge will have my attention for awhile.

  2. Ah, I missed Foodtruck. Who won?

    Talent has been waning on P/R for the last couple of seasons, but we still miss not having it on our cable.

    I love your description of Amazing Race. Too funny. I will be avoiding it too.