Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ugly Uniforms

Yesterday's start of college football introduced another round of "How Ugly Can We Make Our Players?" You know the game within a game to see who can be talked about in the most unflattering terms.

Our contenders:

Oregon Ducks
This picture does not capture the true essence of the uniforms, the flourescent yellow spats, gloves and numbers. Whitney's description is it looked like they were ready for a black light rave after the game. I thought that maybe they had a secret weapon that would turn off the lights and they would be able to see each other and score touchdowns. And this does seem to be tame compared to some of the Oregon masterpieces of past years. All thanks to the huge donations of Phil Knight of Nike fame. Guess when you have a donor that big you do what he tells you to do.

Georgia Bulldogs
Once again the picture doesn't do look as bad as it did on tv. Quite the color scheme. They played the Boise State Broncos whose uniform didn't match their usual tackiness but the helmet was a mess. Of course if you play on a blue field, color schemes and sanity don't really play into uniform choice.

Poor birds try and land here because it is so blue

Oklahoma State Cowboys
I'm not afraid to add a state team to this list. I hadn't watched any of their game and only was made aware of this ugliness after a friend mentioned it. I'm not sure how to describe this except as a gray shirt with a handwarming patch. Of course it was 90+ degrees during the game so I'm not sure how much they needed to warm their hands.

Personally I think the worst was Oregon. Simply because they looked like they were ready for a black-light party and forgot to tell the others it was that kind of a night.


  1. I about peed myself reading this [sorry, true] and I read it out loud to the family and they were all laughing. Pooldad hardily agrees.

    What he heck is up with the last uniforms? Did they lose a major booster and had the Home Ec majors sew those for them?

    {Yes, I did just date myself with the Home Ec reference.)

  2. Ugh, I seriously know what you are talking about with the black and neon green uniforms. My husband was watching that game, I walked in and was like WTF are they wearing? That is ugly as crap. He said no its not. Its cool. I'm like... yea Loser! And then I walked away

  3. Oh no, Oklahoma State has a BIG booster (T. Boone Pickens) who has singlehandedly rebuilt the stadium, kicked people out of their houses nearby for "expansion" and decides the fate of anything OSU athletic related. So I say we blame him.

  4. Hey, watch it, you dishin' my alma mater! :o)

    Honestly, the blue field is totally horrible! Hope you enjoyed your weekend.