Monday, September 19, 2011

How I Spent My Weekend

I think it was a productive weekend. Saturday was laundry/grocery shopping and of course, OU football. The game was at night and let me tell you, I don't like nailbiters. I prefer the good old butt-kicking 50-0 scores. But the Sooners did win and all is happy in Norman land.

Sunday was clean out closet day. This all started because Whitney needed a costume from her closet for a sorority party and I couldn't find part of it. I knew that I needed to straighten her closet, so I got in there and moved stuff around. I put all her shoes on the shoe rack (I know an interesting concept) and found the part of the costume that I knew was in there. But I searched her room including straightening out her drawers but no wand. I did find 8 pairs of pantyhose she had to have for pom. She kept asking for new ones and I assumed it was because they had runs. I think it was just because she didn't want to wash them. Dan cleaned out his closet and got a huge bag of clothes to donate together and another bag of clothes to throw away. I now have a pile of things to sew and repair though. So while the closets are clean, the mending pile is large.

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