Friday, September 2, 2011

Who filled the sink with water?

OK. Mysterious things have been happening around my house. The culprit is yet to be identified. Last night thought we may have solved the riddle.

Over the last month, things have been happening overnight in the house. Like strange things. One night my pill bottle that I had left next to the bathroom sink was found in the morning with the lid half off and pills all over the floor. Two nights later disaster struck when said pill bottle was emptied into a full sink of water. Lucky for us the water was turned off after it was filled because we would have had a massive flood. Unfortunately I couldn't get that prescription refilled until September 5 because it was a three month one and I still had two months left.

So Dan and I figured one of us was sleep-walking. We weren't sure which one since those nights I had taken a sleeping pill so it could have been me. But he has been known to do it before. But last night the culprit was caught (at least we are going with that answer). Dan got up at 1:30am and went to the bathroom. No big deal. But then he turned on the light (not usual) and I could hear him rustling around. Turned off the light, went out to the kitchen. Then I heard the ice trays being emptied into the cooler. I yelled at him what he was doing. He was getting ready for work. That he didn't have to leave for until 6:15. Yes, he was sleepwalking. And doing a darn fine job of getting ready for work. Except he took his night medicine instead of his morning medicine and then filled that pill tray with water and put it in the drawer. And leaving ice trays out so they melted. Luckily, me yelling at him woke him up enough so he realized what he was doing and came back to bed. And then went right back to sleep.

So we hope that the mystery is solved. Not sure what we can do about it, but at least I know it isn't me. And isn't that the important thing? 


  1. Definitely.

    And you just pointed out one of the first reasons I don't take sleep medication. It makes me stupid. And I drool.

    A drooling sleepwalker is just NOT an attractive thing. I am pretty sure I need not draw you a picture? giggle

  2. Sleeping pills make me snore like a trucker.......