Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Weekend Visit

On Sunday we went to visit Whitney at college. (OK, that sounds strange). She needed a costume for a party next weekend and so we took it to her along with a few other things. And of course like good parents we took her out to lunch and bought her food for her room. We were able to see all the neat things her sorority big sis did for her this past week.
These were outside the door but Whitney has moved them to her closet door so her roommate doesn't have to walk through them all the time.

You can't have enough Greek letters

Her big sis painted a stepstool for her with her name and their symbol. Perfect for her to reach her top shelf in the closet.

Love notes from her family
Not being a greek member myself, I had no idea of everything involved. It seems this family thing is really big with her sorority. They have even named the big branches and then the smaller branches. Quite entertaining to hear about.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend - and exactly what we do when we visit Squirrel. Out to lunch [check] and buying supplies for her room [check]. Once in a while we will even take our little dog with us to visit and the kids on campus go nuts because they miss their pets back home. Spottie loves the attention. heehee

    Your daughter seems to be really enjoying her sorority life and she has a very nice big sis. That's awesome.