Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Friday Friday

Yes it is Friday (could you tell from my title)? It is also payday (woohoo) and the weather is going to be beautiful. So time for to try out a new bloghop and post an old one.

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I now know why health care is so dang expensive. Whitney is having severe allergies at college and trying to find a doctor for her is a needle in a haystack. You would think with two major hospitals within five miles there would be some kind of doctor that you could get in to see. But no, we are looking at 1-3 weeks for an initial appointment because she is a new patient. And they say go to minor emergency to get checked out because she can't wait that long. This is why it costs so much, because people who just need a doctor can't get in to see one and clog up the ER rooms. Blech.

My baby turns 19 tomorrow. First time I won't see her on her birthday. She already got her present (iphone plus a data plan). It is also her sorority's victory dance so she had plans that night. Costume party with the theme famous couples. Luckily one of her co-scholarship recipients agreed to be her date and doesn't mind dressing up. They are going as Harry Potter and Hermoine thanks to the robe she bought last year for Halloween and a friend had the same one.

Last night Project Runway eliminated the wrong person. Good grief can anyone be a bigger drama queen than Josh. No one in their right mind would want to wear tight plaid pants that make your butt look three sizes larger than it is.

Oklahoma City is offering $100 a week for one lucky person who recycles. Norman needs to do that and pick the person who recycles the most. I know we would win on that one. We generate more plastic bottles and soda cans than you would think a family of two could do.

Tried organic wine for the first time last night. I'm sure it was a low end variety based on the price but it sucked. I guess I need me some chemicals.

The dog needs a bath desperately. Hopefully we'll remember to give it to her this weekend. Because she STINKS!

Hope the weather is good wherever you are. I think it will be here!


  1. My Baby will be 20 in October, I know how you feel!

    You know I miss Project Runway since it left Bravo and I forget it is on Lifetime. Darn because I did enjoy it.

    My dog is stinky too and I am lucky because we have great weather, sunny blue skies!!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. New follower from the over 40 hop. Loving your blog. My babies are 17 and 23. Time sure does fly by. Right now they are both at home for university but as of next fall I think they are both going away. I am scared and threatening to move with them. lol