Saturday, September 10, 2011

My New Favorite Candle

Last weekend, Whitney and I went shopping (many times I might add). And one of those trips ended up at Bath and Body Works. She wanted some hand sanitizer; I just wanted to get out of there without overwhelming my sense of smell. But they had all their fall smells. I love pumpkin stuff so I smelled around. And then I came across this beauty: Mint Chocolate candles.
Bath & Body Works Mint Chocolate

I had never seen a candle that combined these two scents. I was instantly taken to my favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip. And boy did it smell good. But they were expensive candles, even at the 2 for $20 sale they were having. (I'm a big $5 or less candle buyer unless it is Yankee Candles and then only if it is clearanced). But Whitney was like go ahead mom and buy it. And I did. And my bathroom has smelled good ever since. Luckily I still have another one that I can use when this one goes out. But it definitely is my new favorite candle.

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