Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is Here

Wow eight months are gone already this year. Phew, it just keeps going and going.

Things I am looking forward to this month:

1. I hope (crossing fingers) to have temperatures that don't have triple digits. And if we could get one or two days in that I have to wear a jacket (haha) in the morning I would greatly appreciate it.

2. Football starts up this weekend. This year I won't be attending the high school games (the only reason I went was to see Whitney) but I still hope the Tigers do well. Their first game is tonight against the other high school in town. OU plays Saturday night and the one good thing about having a number one ranked team is the games are televised (except when we play Idaho State or somplace like that). It used to be that if it wasn't on tv, I wouldn't know anything because I couldn't stand the play-by-play announcer. However he finally retired and they have a new one. So I'll give him a shot on the odd game that isn't on tv.

3. A visit home from Whitney this weekend. The list is long for everything we need to cram into 2 days, but we can do it. Lots of shopping (for the rest of the "uniform" for her scholarship, nice clothes for sorority events), baking (she has requests for two types of cookies to take back), laundry (it hasn't been done since she left home 3 weeks ago), probably a bath since she doesn't have a tub, and sleeping in her own bed with the door closed and no one else to share anything with. The simple things that you miss as an only child living in a dorm.

4. Starting my middle school tutoring. My church started a program that has spun off to do tutoring/mentoring for at-risk middle school children. I wanted to do something and my boss is allowing me to leave work early one day a week to tutor. I hope that I'm prepared to do this, have patience and make a difference in these kids lives. I can't imagine what some of them have gone through at a young age. Makes you appreciate what you have hopefully.

5. United Way Day of Caring. I love doing this event. Once a year work gets a group together to go help out with the city wide event. Last year I put together a book fair for a childcare center. In previous years we've painted, cleared out weeds, cut down trees, sorted donations after Hurricane Katrina. It is definitely a sweaty day but you feel good afterwards. And it was the only day in 23 years of marriage that Dan told me I stunk so bad I had to take a shower right away.

So it will be a busy month. And I really do want cooler weather so when fall shows up on the calendar, it will mean it.

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