Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Are we weather ready?

There is a big conference going on at work about "Weather Ready Nation." All sorts of talks and such. I of course am not invited (thank goodness) probably because I'm always weather ready as opposed to those silly stormchasers. Well about 2:30 today the tornado sirens went off in town. This is not normal. Our normal test time is Saturday at noon. And we had just had rain and it was overcast and it was warmer than normal. As I was straining to hear the siren through the building I kept wondering I wonder if that is really what I hear? Then I texted home to see if they could hear it there and yes they could. Then I went to facebook (isn't that where all of us get weather related information) and lots of posts wondering why the sirens were going off. After a couple of minutes they went off. And it is officially "a malfunction probably computer program related".

I personally think that it was testing all these weather ready people in our building to see what they would do. And the answer was nothing. We just looked at each other and did nothing.

I believe that would be considered an EPIC FAIL!


  1. We live one mile from a necular power plant. The alarms went off the other day and we all just looked at each other trying to figure out if we had gotten notification of a test that day.

    Clearly it was just a test or my finger's would be falling off as I typed this. Seems I'm not ready for a melt down disater.

  2. We used to live by a prison - high security. When the alarms went off we didn't wonder if it was a test. We hunkered down, locked up and waited for the all clear.

    I know one escaped, angry convict isn't a tornado, but we weren't taking any chances.

    We don't have sirens for anything else here. If they need to warn us about something it is through the EBS on television and radio.

    Take care - and react next time - it could be real. eek!

  3. I have to admit, I got a little chuckle out of your post today. I think we've been living at "Code Orange" for so many years that we don't know, now, whether to duck and run or wait it out. Weather-ready? Is this the latest fear factor game we'll be preparing for now? :)

  4. I have no faith left in weather forecasters.

  5. I completely agree with Sarah, anymore we are not sure what a true emergency is.