Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Fragments - Happy New Year (Almost)

Mommy's Idea

Time for Friday Fragments. Let's end the year with random thoughts!

***I've been watching the OKC Thunder this season. I'm trying to support the local team. This could be a fun year to watch. This NBA team isn't "star" centered (eventhough they have a star). I hate when it is revolving around one person.

***Whitney had to have blood drawn for her pre-op. First time for her. Since she hates needles I hadn't warned her it was probably going to happen. The one hour before the draw was enough torture for her. Luckily we had a young RN who was very nice and talked Glee to her while drawing blood and it was only one vial.

***Why does the week between Christmas and New Year's only have repeats on tv? This is the week so many people are home and watching tv.

***My new dishwasher is finally in. The installers are supposed to call by Monday to come and put it in and take away the old one. Probably just a couple more washes and then this one can retire to where all dishwashers go. The trash pile.

***Lowe's already sent me the bill for said new dishwasher. It is due the 16th. The dishwasher better be installed before I have to actually pay for it.

***I already drank one of my bottles of wine I got from Christmas. Is it too late to ask for more?

***Random photo of the week.

The dog cannot allow anyone to lay on the floor without joining them. Of course she has to lay on her back like a human only it looks sillier on her.

***We are having a belated Christmas with Dan's mother Friday. Having a french toast casserole for brunch since Dan wanted something Christmasy.

***We will be doing nothing for New Year's Eve. I did ask Whitney was she wanted to eat between now and when she needs to go back to school. We have baked (fried) chicken, chicken noodle soup and beer crust pizza coming up for us.

***I've enjoyed reading so many new blogs over this past year. Thank you for all of my new readers. I hope that we will continue to enjoy each other in 2012.


  1. Your dog is beyond cute! And so cool. When our dog rolls like that it means one thing "Rub my tummy." heehee

    Enjoy your New Year.

  2. The dog photo is priceless.

    One nice pleb-whatevertheircalled can make all the difference! Good luck with the surgery.

    I hear you on the dumb tv offerings--so boring. I don't think I've watched a thing in days.

    YEA on the dishwasher!! :)

    Thanks for linking up. Happy New Year!

  3. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Why only reruns on TV this week?????

  4. a new dishwasher: SO exciting! Love your dog!

  5. Pictures of little dogs sprawled all out on their backs like that just crack me up!

  6. Happy New Year!! I'm happy to hear you say your daughter is surviving her first year away at college and doing well. My daughter is very shy and I worry about next year. Love the photo of your pup...mine does the same thing! Congrats on new dishwasher I need one so bad!!

  7. I do love the NBA - I am having a hard time coming back though after the lockout. THat and my team are the Raptors...

  8. That picture is classic! We're not doing anything for NYE either. I don't like to be out driving around, especially with the kids. Happy New Year!

  9. We did our Christmas on New Year's Day. It's not the when, but the who that's important, right?