Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Break So Far

Christmas was good to me by adding to my snowman collection. Whitney did an excellent job by buying me not one but two new ones. I also bought myself a new snowman pillow on clearance yesterday at Target.
Snowman Pillow - Clearance at Target

Snowman Family from Whitney

Snowing in the Snowglobe

Yesterday I went to restock my Christmas supplies. First stop was Target. At 10am the parking lot had hardly any cars. There was only one person in line to return stuff. So I went back to the car to get my return. I hadn't planned on returning anything yesterday thinking the lines would be long. So I got that done and went straight to the back of the store where the stocking holders were. I was hoping that they would have the one I wanted. SCORE! I got the last one. They had a couple of others but those weren't what I wanted. I also got a few other things and got out of the store for $20. Not bad for spending $15 on the stocking holders and pillow.
Two of the holders. I made the stockings years ago.

Next stop was Hobby Lobby. This was disappointing. They really had nothing I wanted. So we moved on to Walmart. The parking lot was pretty empty here too. I wondered where all the people were. I knew it was a federal/state holiday so a lot of people had the day off. The return line here was very long but the rest of the store was pretty empty. I got all my wrapping paper, bows and bags for $16. So I'm set for next year.

We went home for lunch and then decided to go to the mall. After all these other stores were empty and I did have a bunch of stuff to return to the mall. Well guess what? Everyone was at the mall. That explains why the other stores were empty. Every single parking spot was taken. We didn't even stop and continued on to Barnes and Noble and Michaels. Both stores were busy but not overly so. Whitney got a paint pen for a project she was working on but then we went home.

I think today we'll try the mall again since a lot of people have to be at work today.


  1. Love, love, love your snowmen. And great buy on the pillow and holder. :)

    I wanted Pooldad to go out yesterday to restock for next year, but he was too much of a slug [today too, come to think of it. heehee] so no luck. We completely ran out of everything, so I will try later this week to see if anything is left.

    Have a great week.

  2. Such great deals. :)

    I had great plans to shop, all derailed by extra sleep, a good book, several hours of angry brids and enough Christmas leftovers to keep every one fed without having to cook.

    It. Was. Awesome.