Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Fragments - Time For This Already?

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So this week flew by. Guess I was just counting down the days until Saturday. Because I have not one but two events to go to. WOW! When it rains it pours.

The first one is going to see Whitney for Mom's Day. I know it seems strange to have it this late in the year but I think it is because the school has so many big performances and parents will be around to watch their kids. When you go to a school that is big into fine arts you do stuff like that than instead of around football games (which of course they don't even have). We are going to go watch the "Home for the Holidays" show that the dance school does. Think Radio City Rockettes but at a college. They actually like to brag that they have two more dancers in their kick line than the Rockettes. Most of these girls want to be a Rockette too.

The second is a party hosted by a couple of my wine tasting friends. This could be interesting since I've heard that it is huge and there is more food and drink than you know what to do with. I'm going for people watching.

Whitney found out she had an A in a class she thought she had a B in and now she doesn't have to take that final next week. So she only has two finals now. I'm very proud of how well she has done the first semester at college. But then again I knew she would do well. She is well organized and makes sure her work gets done. No last minute waiting for her.

She'll be home on Wednesday. So her room will no longer be my wrapping paper room. Darn, now to find another place for the massive box.

Yesterday I took my car into the dealership because the check tire pressure light came on. I get free "special air" if I bring it in. I also kept losing the ability to unlock my car using the fob. I had already gotten the battery changed once but it still messed up. So they needed to fix that too. After being told it would be a couple of hours before they could get to it, Dan took me back to work. He dropped me off and my phone rang saying it would be ready in 15 minutes. So he came back and took me to get the car right away. I had to wait while they finished washing it (which I didn't know they were doing but got rid of the bird poop) and then they told me it would be $35. I told them why when everything was covered by warranty. They said you got an oil change. I said I never asked for an oil change. My car tells me when it needs it and it still had 30% life left on it. Plus I only have 17,000 miles on it after 2 1/2 years so I think it doesn't need it every 3 months. So they took the charge off. I checked the car when I got back in and they had changed the oil. So I got a free oil change and car wash. Score one for me!

I'm still shopping online but now I had better hurry up so I can make sure it gets delivered in time. I even ordered me something. When it comes I'll definitely take pictures.

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1. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
I'm not baking any cookies this year. Growing up we made so many different kinds. I always liked the almond balls that had a candied cherry in the middle.

2. What's your favorite holiday movie & why?
Miracle on 34th Street. The original. I just think the Santa Claus is the greatest. Although Natalie Wood is a pretty spoiled brat in it for wanting such an extravagent gift.

3. Is there a gift that you bought for your kids that you wish you hadn't after they opened it?
Hands down a robotic dog. Whitney wanted it so bad and after we bought it I think she played with it for all of about 2 days. It was pretty expensive.

4. What is the messiest room in your house right at this moment?
It is always the utility room. That's why the door is closed and guests can't see it.

5. What is the furthest you have driven for the holidays?
Driven would be 20 hours to go to Disney World. However, the furthest we have been would be the year we were on a cruise ship and in Mexico. We drove to get it on it but then it sailed. So not exactly driving. LOL


  1. I never thought that about what the little girl wanted in the "Miracle on 34th Street". To me it wasn't the extravagant house, so much as it was a Dad, a husband for her Mom and happy home life like she saw in the advertisements [her Mother did work in the field, at the store, after all]. Her little girl dreams made her think that the house would make it come true. Which, ultimately, it did. And honestly, what 7 year old realizes what a house actually costs?

    I love that you [deservedly] got a free oil change. I can't believe they would just do without you asking.

    Have fun this weekend. Sounds like a great time. We get our college girl home next week too and cannot wait. :D

  2. 20 hours in a car? I think I would die! But Disney is sooo much fun!

  3. This week has flown by for me also!
    I'm going to a wine tasting next weekend and super excited about it. I've never been to one.

  4. The longest I've done in car at one time was 26 hours without stopping (other than to fill it up once in awhile so we didn't run out of petrol) We've driven to Disney a couple times too, but that time we were going to Toronto. We did 12 hours I think the first day and then stopped at a hotel and then 26 hours the second day, and then it was only one more 8 or 9 hour drive after that I think...

  5. I can't believe they tried to sneak in an oil change and charge you for it. Good for you for challenging them on it! Congrats to your daughter on doing so well.