Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's Crazy Out There

I learned today what six hours of cold rain does to people on a Saturday before Christmas. It makes them all come out of their houses after the rain and go shopping. Lucky for me I went grocery shopping this morning in the rain. But this afternoon I decided to go look at Hobby Lobby for the rub-on transfers so I can do my project and maybe do a little Christmas shopping. Oh my. The Hobby Lobby parking lot was full. This is a huge parking lot so I knew I was in trouble. The store was packed. 14 checkout lanes were open. I couldn't believe it. Of course they didn't have what I wanted so I went to plan B, shopping. Stupid me. I headed towards the mall and one look and I knew it was time to go home. Yikes. I'll be better off taking an afternoon off of work to do that, thank you very much.


  1. It is crazy everywhere. Why do we always wait until December? Lol

  2. This is the one advantage to being home bound. Internet shopping! It's awesome, but I don't have too many people to shop for and those I do I know exactly what I am getting them, so I don't need to touch/feel/get ideas in the actual stores. That makes it easy. :)

    Good luck finding your transfers. That Hobby Lobby sounded like a zoo, wow!

  3. It has started, the craziness associated with the holidays. Everyone seems to have forgotten what the holidays actually mean... friendship, peace, and happiness.