Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Time for the weekly wrap up of random thoughts running through my mind. Thanks to Mrs. 4-4-4-4 for hosting every week.

My office has been so cold this week I've been running the space heater. Today the weather is supposed to be even colder so I dressed really warm. I entered my office and I thought I was going to start sweating. The temperature didn't say it was hotter so I don't know if it was a malfunction or just a warm from the inside thing. At least now I'm not feeling like I'm going to sweat through my clothes (that wouldn't be a pretty sight).

Been going to physical therapy for my newly diagnosed tennis elbow. Come to find out you don't have to play sports to get it. Mine is from over use of a computer mouse.

We've been eating leftovers or freezer meals all week. The freezer is still full. Tonight's meal...leftover pizza that had been frozen. I don't know when we'll need to buy anything. Guess that's what happens when there is one good meat sale and you stock up.

I had another good idea for making gifts but couldn't find rub on transfers at Michael's last night. Will have to check Hobby Lobby this weekend. If I can't find them, I guess I'm on the plan D (which I do have).

I really need a new dishwasher. I'm pretty sure the current one is going to explode and send shards of broken plates and water all over my house. It has to be the loudest thing ever.

I'm really glad I don't have tickets for the football game tomorrow night. It is going to be cold, cold, wet, maybe snowy. All to see a game that I can watch in the comfort of my warm home with maybe a fire going. That is such a better plan.

Hope everyone stays warm and dry.


  1. Some of the office building managers' attempt to save money backfires when people bring in space heaters because they use more electricity.
    I've heard loud dishwashers before not fun having to turn up the volume because of them.

  2. Funny. Iw as just in Michael's and bought rub on transfers that I thought were scrapbook stickers.

    Good luck with your gift idea. This weekend I am vowing to finish all projects so I can start with a clean slate.

    (Stop laughing... it could happen)

  3. I always feel really hot when I come inside from a very cold day. I think it's pretty funny that you can get tennis elbow from using a computer. That's irony.

  4. I hope your team won. I know mine did :)

    Believe it or not, when I walk into my classroom in the morning, it is always at least 85 degrees (just my room). Fortunately, I have two doors; opening both of them helps me get the temp down to about 75. Also fortunately, I'm not in there all day. I guess it could be worse.

    I had tennis elbow a while back. Those little strappy things to wear across your forearm work nicely.

    I hope you get a dishwasher from Santa.