Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Sushi night was awesome. Not only was the sushi great (definitely will be back for more), the company was fun and the drinks were wonderful. Not sure that everyone would agree that chocolate peppermint martinis go with sushi, but it was tasty.

My new dishwasher is ordered. Lowe's was out of them but they already had them ordered. So hopefully before the end of the year the new one will be here and installed. I picked a Maytag and it was on sale, then they had another 10% off appliances and then I got 5% off because I used a Lowe's credit card. So I saved about $80 off the normal price.

We finally watched Charlie Brown Christmas that we had on the DVR. The sound was off for the first half so it was rather strange to see the mouths move and then here the words. Especially since we all know the dialogue by heart.

I got my first batch of snack mix made in the crockpot yesterday. Just enough to give to the people at work. So I need to make another batch tonight for neighbors and us.

I did so good at the grocery store on Saturday until they started ringing up all the non-food stuff. Almost 1/3 of my bill was stuff. UUGGGHHH, I hate that. We are still slowly eating out of the freezer but will have to buy food for Christmas dinner. We are going to have ham this year. Last time we did that, we named it Frankenham. This is what it looked like. Let me tell you it is the tastiest ham. So juicy, and yes we take the toothpicks off before eating.

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  1. Frankenham, that's funny! I know - the money I spend at the grocery store mostly doesn't even go to food!