Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at our House

Well it finally happened. We've gotten old. We all slept in and ate breakfast before we even looked at our stockings. But it was amazing how many presents just the three of us had under the tree. Of course it helps when I wrap each pair of socks I bought Whitney separately and even wrapped a box of Lucky Charms. There are a few things to exchange for sizes but that will be tackled during the week...not tomorrow.

The dog even got a gift but it took her several hours before she would even eat it. I finally had to get down on the floor and pretend to eat it before she would.

As you can see she got a few pairs of socks. She is modeling last year's fun socks along with this year's Christmas pajamas.

We had a very nice dinner. Ham, scalloped corn, mashed potatoes and rolls. Just enough for us and lots of leftovers. We have an apple pie for later tonight.


  1. We are also settling into our food coma nicely. :)

    Enjoy what's left to the day!

  2. Looks wonderful Tracy and dinner sounds so delicious! Pooldad got a smoker, so we are having pulled pork and salads for dinner [1 hour!]

    Your tree is gorgeous and the presents look so festive. It was a "sock holiday" here too!

    Enjoy the rest of your evening. :)

  3. oh apple pie - do have cinnamon ice cream too? Love that combo.
    You must like to wrap - I think rapping is just a fad.