Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Things That Should Be Banned

My office at work is directly across from the office microwave/refrigerator. Some bozo decided this would be a good design. Most of the time it isn't bad because hardly anyone ever uses it. But today somebody heated up something that stinks. I mean really stinks. I've sprayed multiple times air freshener and I still get whiffs of stink.

So what should be banned? Stinky food? Reheating stinky food? Reheating stinky food in a microwave directly across from the person who handles your payroll? I think all three.


  1. LOL My office door is directly across from the men's room.......wanna trade??

  2. Could be worse in a different way:

    Our microwave is in a break room that also forms the entryway to our boss' office. I don't know how he stands walking through the smell of buttery popcorn every afternoon.

  3. I laughed at the "handles your payroll" line.

    Silly move on the office's part if you ask me, or they need to hang a sign reminding them that only good smelling food can be reheated and must be shared with the payroll maven across the hall. :D

  4. We have a woman who eats roadkill.

    Not really, but it smells like it.

    And she loves callions in her salad. I will never eat scallions. Post traumatic stress I think.