Thursday, December 29, 2011

Surviving the Outlet Mall

Since we had to be in OKC for pre-op tests for Whitney, we went to the new outlet mall. We got there at noon and had lunch in the food court. It wasn't too busy when we arrived so it was really nice to go to the stores. They had a lot of clearance sales going on. We tried on clothes and spent some money. We also survived the Disney store without purchasing anything (quite shocking). After three hours of shopping we were done.

2 pairs of Levi jeans - already at the alteration shop since short jeans still aren't short enough for my girl
2 sweaters - one for each of us
1 pair of Nike shorts - Whitney
Earrings - a Christmas gift from Dan

The busiest store was Coach. We walked in and the check out lane was winding around and we couldn't figure out why. Until we were handed a 30% off coupon on all purchases. And half the store was already 50% off. I still can't figure out why I would spend $100 for a purse even after all those discounts. So I didn't buy anything.

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