Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fragments - Happy Dance Time

Mommy's Idea

Time for Friday blog hops. Thanks to Half-Past Kissin' Time (Mrs. 4444) and Never Growing Old (Java) for hosting.

***Whitney is home! For a whole three and a half weeks! And already the house feels so much fuller. The pantry has more food. There is more stuff everywhere. How does just having one more person do that?

***I love seeing all my friends posting about their college kids coming home. Good for all of us.

***The work "holiday" party was interesting. It was for the whole building and their families. 350 people rsvp'd. We showed up 45 minutes after it started and they were almost out of food. Plus they had about 60-70 kids waiting to see Santa Claus. I think I was probably right to skip it in the past. Just not my thing I guess.

***However the Christmas party I went to last weekend was fun. And tonight I'm going out to dinner with a friend for sushi. Yummy.

***I'm not making any Christmas cookies this year. We don't need that stuff in the house. We did order a fruitcake from Collin Street Bakery.

***Still getting gift deliveries at home. Just a little more shopping to go. I'm trying to use up wrapping paper because the rolls don't fit in my wrapping box. I'm hoping that this is the last year for all of it. Whitney informed me that the box doesn't have a lot of stuff in it. I think she means bows and ribbons. I always hit the after Christmas sales for that stuff and we were on vacation last year so I missed it.

***I keep listening to Christmas music on my computer at work. How can it be that on 7 different Christmas music stations no one can play Snow Miser/Heat Miser? That is my favorite and I have barely heard it. Thank goodness Year Without a Santa Claus is on tv tomorrow and I can just replay it over and over.


  1. Thanks for the visit.
    Your new follower.

  2. yum, full pantry! i wish i could forego the cookies, i surely don't need them. but hubby would cry, so would the kids. i think that is ALL we are doing this saturday. have a great holiday!

  3. I'm waiting for some deliveries today. I love getting things delivered. If you want to you could make cookies and I would gladly take them off your hands.

  4. I love fruitcake and haven't had it in years!!! Now, after reading your list for the week, I must remember to go find one.

    Yes, Virginia is my link for Mall Fragments this week. I do hope you may find some time to visit?!!!

  5. YAY for a full house and a full pantry [ours never stays that way tho' - those kids can eat some serious food]

    The party sounds like fun - and big! We didn't go to Pooldad's this year, but he did receive a nice bonus, so that was neat.

    I am exactly like you with the wrapping paper. I am trying to use up the ones that don't fit and I am completely out of ribbon and bows. Oh well. I do one kind of paper for each kid and hubs [it's easier than multiple tags] and then I only put a few bows on the presents up front. I usually use bows for presents going out of the house to friends because in our house - they end up getting destroyed in seconds.

    I want fruit cake. I want to make fruit cake. YUM.

  6. I can just feel the holiday spirit coming through in your post and it inspires me. Thank you!

  7. Oh my gosh... I love that song, I am singing it now!

    I'm Mister Green Christmas
    I'm Mister Sun

  8. Glad your house feels full, its a nice feeling :) now Im of to google that Christmas song, maybe because Im an Aussie Im handicapped in not knowing it hahahah.