Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Fragments - Short Version

Just a short version of Friday Fragments. It's late in the day and I've already posted once today (D is for Riding a DogSled). If you are looking for that post, keep reading past this one.

Mrs. 4444 is getting ready to celebrate her 300th Friday Fragment. Join in and have fun. She's even hosting a giveaway!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I got to spend the morning going through a storage room in a building that is not up to code and therefore will be closing. I haven't been to our storage room for probably 10 years. It was full of old paper, dust and computer monitors from ancient times. I even found a couple of super old imacs with the tiny screens and floppy drives. If they were working I'm sure they would be worth money. But that isn't the case.

I've got all my letters except 4 decided for this month A-Z Challenge. Thank goodness. Except one of them is for next week. Thinking cap must go on.

Tonight is Relay for Life at Whitney's university. She's worked so hard as co-chair. We are going to go support her at the start. I'm sure she will be happy when this is over. She's still on the hunt for a summer internship/job.

The Medieval Fair is in town this weekend. I drove by and saw people all dressed up. Dan ran into a knight and princess at the grocery store. How many times can you say that and not sound strange?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Relay for Life - the beginning is always so emotional - the survivors walking first... whew! Good stuff!

  2. I want to find a knight and princess in my grocery -- haha!
    Good luck to your daughter in her relay and her internship search.

  3. I still have 2 letters to figure out on the A to Z Challenge. I did next week's posts tonight. So I'm doing ok now. Hoping I can make it through.

  4. My kids love to dress up so I often have a knight and a princess in my kitchen but the kids would be thrilled if we ran into a knight or a princess at the grocery store!

  5. My daughter's college held their Relay for Life even last night, too! I don't suppose your daughter goes to the U of Minnesota...? Wouldn't it be something if our daughters knew each other?

    Medieval fairs are fun.

    Thanks for linking up and spreading the word! Have a great weekend.