Thursday, April 24, 2014

U - Understand God

As we start to wind down the letters of the alphabet, I'm starting to hit the wall of possibilities on my bucket list. Hence this far-reaching and not accomplishable goal. Understanding God. I'm not dumb enough to think I'll ever understand God. So I will stick with bible studies and going to church and surrounding myself with people who may know just a little bit more than me.

And when I die, then I can learn even more about Him.


  1. The great thing about God is he has so many characteristics about him, we'll never completely know him this side of eternity, but we will have all of eternity to know him completely; a wonderful promise I do believe. You are doing the right thing, Bible studies and church and spending time with others who believe; all those definitely will increase your knowledge of him.


  2. No, we'll never understand Him here, but we can always know Him (or understand Him) better than we co.

    Good one.

  3. We may never fully understand Him, but we will see him everywhere every day in all things.