Friday, April 18, 2014

P - Make a Pie Crust from Scratch

I love to cook especially baking. But the one thing I have not mastered that I really want to is making a pie crust from scratch. I've tried but I just can't make it.

I remember one day before Thanksgiving, as I tried to make a pie crust, I ruined it. So I tried again. Ruined it again. I just could not get the right consistency. I ended up crying, throwing in the towel and going to the store to by the ones in the freezer. I've moved on to buying the rolled up ones. But I swore I would never try again. And I haven't for 10 years.

But now I'm feeling more confident in my abilities. I have a food processor so that should help. Maybe this year for Thanksgiving I'll be cooking pies like a pro.


  1. I believe Robin Hood Flour run pastry making courses. I never could make pastry and found it was because I was too heavy handed. Nowadays I can't be bothered anyway and buy it ready made.

  2. I've never made a pie crust either. Maybe I should just follow your bucket list. lol