Thursday, April 17, 2014

O - One on One Cooking Lesson

As I've gotten older, I'm really enjoying cooking. I am obsessed with Food Network and cooking shows. I tape The Chew everyday and watch it when I get home from work. Every Day. I've started to collect cookbooks even though there are thousands of recipes online. But I really want is to have a one-on-one cooking lesson.

Here I am with Michael Symon. I went to an event and got an autographed cookbook from him. I would definitely take a lesson with him. I do learn a lot watching him cook on tv. I think his style suits my tastes. His most recent cookbook 5 in 5 really is easy to follow. I highly recommend it.

I also like watching Carla Hall cook. I've got one of her cookbooks and I'm not as impressed with her recipes. But I think she can teach people well. Plus she could teach me tomorrow's post (just wait and read).

But maybe I just need to find a local chef to help me with some dishes. I keep thinking that now that I have a Kitchenaid mixer, I should get the pasta attachments. But we don't eat as much pasta as we used to and I'm afraid that would be a waste of money.

I need to learn some knife skills. Dan cringes when he sees me chop. Normally he's the chopper of the family.


  1. That's neat you like to cook! My hubby/son do so they do the cooking here; I do the preparing, but they like to cook, to mix spices together, create new dishes, I can follow a recipe, but that's about it.

    I do hope you get your one on one cooking lesson some day :)


  2. For knife skills you could get the DVD of Jacques Pépin. It's called The Complete Pépin and is full of techniques and recipes. I bought mine from Amazon and highly recommend it. One of the things I really like, he tells you how to sharpen the damned things, always a problem to me. Nothing worse than a blunt knife.

  3. I think I might enjoy a cooking lesson with Rachael Ray

  4. I don't know if you have a Whole Foods near you, but they periodically offer knife classes. I have a friend who did one, and she really liked it. I have taken Thai cooking classes and also some Italian. I'd love to spend a week cooking in Italy. Well, mostly eating, but I would help cook too : )

  5. Well now I'm just jealous! Michael Symon is my favorite of the Iron Chefs. On The Chew though, I just love Clinton Kelly. I've enjoyed him since I first saw him on What Not to Wear.

  6. I like to TRY to cook. I really enjoy preparing something new, even if it doesn't turn out the way I planned.

    Although, to be honest... it seems I'm getting more hits than misses now a days. Even my "need to cook the meat before it went bad" stew came out pretty good last night.

    Tomorrow... chocolate lava cookies. Added bonus? They're Gluten Free. :)