Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q - Quit Biting my Nails

This is probably the first bucket list item I've completed...even before I knew what a bucket list was.

When I was a child I had the worst habit of biting my nails. It was horrible. I would bite them down so far they would bleed. Nothing would make me stop. I knew I wanted to stop and I couldn't.

I wanted nice nails when I got married and they were horrible still. I even tried to do the press on nails but that was still when they looked super fake. And I couldn't make them work.

Finally when I was pregnant my nails started to grow. And I stopped biting them. They still didn't look great, but at least they weren't bleeding anymore.

So about 10 years ago, I decided to get my nails done. I thought I was just going to get a manicure, but instead I got fake nails. And they were beautiful. For awhile I always got them painted red, but then I discovered you could get all sorts of colorful tips.

And then I decided I was spending too much money on them and I hated to waste the time. So I had them taken off. Everyone says your nails get weakened by getting fake ones, and that is true. But by some miracle, my nails recovered quickly. They continued to grow and look good.

Now my problem is that as soon as I get them all to grow out and look nice, I break one. Right now I'm in a nice looking nail state. As soon as this posts, I'm sure I'll break one.

Excuse the shiny skin, I has just put lotion on and have a glare from my office window.


  1. Good habit to break indeed! My sister and daughter were nail biters, I wasn't. I really don't do much with my nails; admire those that do, just don't really have much of an interest, but my husband is always watching his nails seeing how he needs them for playing the classical guitar; when he is scheduled to have to play it, he's diligent about protecting them (and yes usually one has broken when he does not want them to).

    Happy Easter!


  2. I have a daughter that bites her nails all the time. She wants to stop, but so far hasn't.

    Mine are like yours, in that they grow pretty well, but as soon as I file and shape them or put on polish, they start breaking.