Friday, April 25, 2014

V - Grow Vegetables

I do not have a green thumb. I'll be honest about that. Plus it is so darn hot here in the summer I hate to go outside and sweat. So growing vegetables is pretty far-fetched for me to do. But I would love to have homegrown tomatoes in the summer.

A few years ago we succombed to the Topsy Turvy craze. One thing they didn't tell you was how heavy it got with all the wet dirt in it. We had a heck of a time keeping it hanging. But then we were successful in getting the tomato plant to grow.

And we even got tomatoes to start growing.

But then I overwatered (at least that's what I think happened) and the plant withered and died before I got a ripe tomato. So my experiment failed. :(

I am however successful at growing basil. We usually have three plants so we can have fresh basil all summer.

Last summer we even did thyme and it grew until I was gone for a couple of weeks.

So I guess I'll stick with herbs until I move to a lower temperature summer place.


  1. I always wondered if those topsy turvy things worked. Guess I know now. lol

    Your basil is gorgeous though. That would make a beautiful house plant.

  2. I, too, am a beginner gardener. I didn't have success with hardly anything last year. I'm hoping for a better growing season this year!

    I have a few gardening posts as well. Maybe they would be of help to you?

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